How young is “too young” for therapy? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ 

Anonymous asked: #KatiFAQ I find myself constantly in need of some kind of external stimulation, be it food, something to do w/ my hands, etc. Even when I'm watching TV I have to have my laptop, phone, food, or something similar to keep me from being bored. I hate this because it causes me to overeat sometimes, and I feel like it's not good to need so much stimulation. My sister used to say I was "high in sensation-seeking" and I also have trichotillomania. Is there anything I can do about this?

Thanks for asking this honey! I will talk about this today :) xoxo

Anonymous asked: #KatiFAQ Is there ever a situation where you might refuse to treat a client?

Thank you so much for your question!! I will talk about this today :) xxo

Anonymous asked: #KatiFAQ Is there a minimum age requirement for a child to be in therapy? How old is the youngest client you've had, and what kinds of issues do young children usually come in for? Thank you :)

Hey honey! Thanks for your question!! I will talk about this today :) xoxo

Anonymous asked: #KatiFAQ As a therapist, are there any topics/issues that you really don't care to work with or that just don't interest you? I know you particularly like to work with eating disorders, but are there any issues, such as substance abuse or OCD, that you don't find interesting or exciting to work with in patients?

This is a great question!! I will talk about this today  :) thanks!! xoxo

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5 misunderstandings about Bipolar Disorder - Mental Health Help with Kati Morton 

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Is it normal for a therapist to cry in session? #katiFAQ

1. The journal topic was good…but what about if my eating disorder didn’t start as a coping skill? I started to diet because I had been overweight and have felt ugly my entire life. What do you do when your clothes being too tight and the thought of gaining the weight back really are the most triggering thing? I don’t have some family drama or past abuse to cope with…I just know that no matter how ugly I feel now, gaining back the weight would make me even uglier. I’m eating again, but I’m not sure if I’m ok with it. #katifaq

2. #katiFAQ Hi! We have been discussing this some in my psychology class so I wanted your input. I know several people responded with similar questions: QUESTION: Hi Kati, Is it common for therapist to cry during session? Is it perceived as unprofessional or is it a normal and okay reaction to client’s stories? I am really curious about this because I have a friend who’s therapist would cry often during session with her and she liked it because she felt like the therapist understood her and it helped the relationship, however I also can see how it can be an uncomfortable thing for some clients. I would love to hear your thoughts. Is a therapist crying during a session okay or not? Thank you.

3. #KatiFAQ I have a relationship question. People often say that with the right person a relationship is “easy”—-but if you have a history of childhood abuse and SH/ED behaviors then will a romantic relationship ever be “easy”? How do you know if you should give up on a relationship or keep working at it? Do you ever recommend couples’ counseling?
4. Hey Kati, So my therapist suggested that I write a letter to my abuser, and expressing details and all my anger out onto paper. Since I have started doing that, I feel like I am reliving everything again…The memories, the pain, etc. I know its for a good purpose, but I been really battling my thoughts and its has got real hard. I don’t know what to do about it. I feel completely confused! Please Help!

Journal Topic:

Thanks Kat22!!
Hey Kati
“To get up when you are down, to fight more intensely when
you are struggling; to put in the extra effort when you are in
sheer pain, to comeback when nobody expects you to, and to
stand tall when everyone is pulling you down are what make
a champion.”
By Apoorve Dubey



HEY YOU!    You can do it!      Fight Back!

fight back! 

Safely lose weight after having an eating disorder?

Anonymous asked: #KatiFAQ Hi Kati, Can you ever safely lose weight after having an eating disorder? I currently struggle with bulimia & am working on recovery, right now I am just under the highest weight I've ever been & not happy about it :/ I know I have to leave it and work on recovery, but will I be able to lose weight afterwards or will it just push me back into my ED? Thank you so much for everything you do, you've given me hope :)

Thank you so much for your question honey! I will talk about this today :) xoxo

Anonymous asked: Is it possible to have been abused when you were younger and completely block it out that you don't know that it happened. I hope that makes sense

Yes you definitely can!! But through therapy and self-exploration we uncover the “hidden” memory. Our brain can sort of block out memories that were particularly painful or traumatizing.. so we can keep going and continue to live. Therefore, it often blocks out full memories of abuse. xoxo I hope that makes sense and helps!! xoxo

Anonymous asked: #katifaq- How can you tell when you are using your eating habits as a coping skill?

Great question honey!! I will talk about this today so we can all be more aware :) xoxo

Anonymous asked: Just to tell you I found your videos when I was in a really dark place. I couldn't see a future & didn't want one, and you've completely changed that. I thought I had no hope & would never feel happy again but your videos have given me all that back. Thank you so much kati, you've saved my life and I can never repay that, you're an angel. You've inspired me to reach out and do as much as I can to help others, baby steps right now, but hopefully one day I can do 1/2 as much good as you xoxoxoxox

Awe you are so sweet!! I am so glad that you found my videos and they have been helpful in your recovery :) You are so amazing and I am glad you are helping others too!! xxo