Today’s Q&A is up!! I hope you find my questions and answers helpful!! xoxo 

Anonymous asked: Hey Kati I know you get asked a lot about being diagnosed Do I have to ask my therapist what my diagnose is or will she tell me once she knows? Also, If I feel like I have a memory that has been repressed can I get to know what it was by theraphy?

Hey honey :) You can always ask your therapist if she has diagnosed you and what she has diagnosed you with. It’s your health after all.. so you can always ask :) xoxo She may or may not tell you… every therapist is different. I personally talk with my clients as we decide what it is they are struggling with most.. and therefore diagnosed with. xoxo And yes as you work through any trauma in therapy, those memories will come back. xoxo 

Anonymous asked: When are your problems bad enough to see a psychologist/therapist?? #KatiFAQ

Great question honey :) I get this question a lot! I will talk about this in my video today!! xoo

Anonymous asked: If you see a psychologist, what is it called? Do you always say 'I have therapy/ I'm in therapy' or does it depends on why you're seeing a psychologist??? #KatiFAQ

I haven’t really thought about that before.. but most of my clients just say they are going to therapy or are in therapy. You can always say you are in a certain type of therapy.. like “i’m going to CBT” or whatever it is :) Honestly you can say whatever you like to :) It’s your therapy <3 

Anonymous asked: Kati FAQ pls answer. have u ever head of purging as self-harm. That's what my therapist said about me but when I look it up there's nothing. Am I the only one? Thank you

Hey honey :) Thanks for your question! I will answer it in my video today :) xxoo

Anonymous asked: can you dissociate without having PTSD?

Yes… it is just more common with people who suffer from PTSD :) xox

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I love this!!! xoxo

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So true!! xoxo

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What is Dissociative identity disorder? Or Multiple Personality Disorder? with Kati Morton 

Today I talk about dissociative identity disorder, what it is and what we can do about it. Dissociative Identity Disorder is usually something that starts when we are very young and usually due to a traumatic event. Now this can range anywhere from “spacing out” on the drive home to living in a completely different “dream like” state for hours each and every day. CBT therapy as well as talk therapy can really help with this. So please reach out and get help if you are struggling with dissociation on the regular basis. 



What Do I Define As Casual Sex And Is It Bad For Us?!? 

1. KATI!!! Literally Thank GOD YOU ARE BACK!! I’m semi-holding on.. :) #katifaq  Do you have simple, quick tips to make YOURSELF feel SAFE w/o needing a person 2 do it for you? Simply put, how can you rely on yourself in the moment to feel safe (from abusers, ptsd Etc? Thanks!

 2. You often say that “If you don’t like your therapist you don’t have to go back”. What if it’s the other way around, that you as a therapist feel you don’t “click” with the patient. Do you tell them and how? 

3. I was wondering if you could please tell me what you define to be ‘casual sex’, and why it isn’t good for us?

4. Hey Kati, I feel sort of hurt by my last therapist and now am scared to get help again. My therapy was very abruptly ended and I wasn’t given a referral to any other place, or any way to have the medication i was put on whilst being treated monitored. He sort of said I wasn’t “severe enough” with a laugh which seemed like a poor excuse because I was very unstable and later rejected from another program i tried to get help from for being “too depressed”. I don’t really know what to do now because every time i try and get help im told I’m either too sick or not sick enough. This is a public health system so i only have a few options available and i feel like ive already exhausted them all. Now what am I meant to do?

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