Anonymous asked: I'm making an appointment with my doctor and I'm freaking out! I know I need help but I'm scared I tried to kill myself last year and after leaving hospital it took me a long time to even hope that things might get better then my eating disorder became more of a problem I'd always had issues but this is something more I feel like I'm right back at square one and the only reason I'm not at minus numbers yet (a.k.a dead) is that I can't bear to hurt my family again idk what to say, please help x

I know it can be really scary!!! But all of the work you have done and how far you have come is not lost!!! I know that it feels like its all dark and nothing will get better, but now might be the time to make a list of why you want to recover/live. Family sounds like a pretty good motivator…maybe write about why you hate to hurt them and what memories you have as well as why you love them like you do. Focusing our energy on this kind of positive stuff can stop our mind from running away into a darker place. Keep me posted!! Hang in there:) xox

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