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Why does religion help some people? Tumblr Tuesday!! #KatiFAQ

Tumblr Tuesday 

1. #Katifaq hey Kati, I have horrible anxiety and panic attacks. I’m a junior in a very large school but could easily switch to a school 1/4 the size. I’d know NO ONE. Would you suggest to a client to move schools if it could possibly help.?

2.#KatiFAQ I haven’t seen my therapist in a year or so but I left very abruptly because my parents couldn’t pay for it. I’ve gotten a lot better since then but I still want to talk through some things with her. how would I go about the first appointment after not seeing her for a year. I’m scared we won’t have the same connection as we did.

3. I got this one in my PO Box 2 weeks ago: Are you religious? Even if you are not, why or how do you think going to church or praying seems to help a lot of people struggling with depression? Like, is there a scientific reason why it helps some people? Thanks!

Journal topic:

Meeting people in real life and talking face to face. It can be so powerful to actually see someone and feel their understanding and empathy.

It’s always nice to see when someone is getting healthy on their path to recovery! Way to go Nicole.!!!

an open hearted recovery ramble (by DearNicoleRae)