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How much anxiety is too much? Website/YouTube Wednesday! #KatFAQ

Website/YouTube Wednesday!

1. I wondered if any of you have experience recovering from an ED without the support of a treatment team. Treatment isn’t an option for me at the moment, and I’ve been finding my meals really difficult lately. I don’t know whether it’s better to be planning my meals ahead of time to reach all the recommended daily amounts, or letting my body give me the cues and eating when I’m hungry, stopping when I’m full. The problem is that I find it very difficult to make a healthy plan – it often triggers me to restrict, but with intuitive eating I think I drift towards restriction unconsciously.

Any tips would be really great, do you go for intuitive eating or meal planning in recovery? I’m a little stuck at the moment!!

2. #katifaq (hope I’m not to late). Can older people have eating disorders? My grandmother just turned 70 and she doesn’t eat. She isn’t super skinny but she seems to be losing weight quite rapidly and complains saying she is fat all the time. I’m worried about her! Help! What can I do to help her???

3. #KatiFAQ Hi Kati, when do you know how much anxiety is too much? For example, last year I used to throw up from stress almost every morning, and from what I remember that lasted several months (I’ve overcome that now, although I still throw up from time to time). Is that considered excessive? Thank you, I love your videos. :) 

Journal Topic:

Thanks Megan!!

Find two songs that describe you(or your mental illness). Or two poems. Or plants, animals, shoes, really anything that you can find meaning in. The first one that you pick is who you consider yourself to be now. The second one you pick is the one you want to become some day. Then somehow express how you’re going to get there(whether it’s through journaling, painting, signing.. etc.).

That might be confusing, so here’s my example. I chose a snake and an elephant to describe me and my mental illness. Snake because I find them sneaky, sometimes mean and poisonous. They also get a really bad rap. A lot of people are scared of them. Then the elephant, what I’m working towards. There are many reasons I chose an elephant, but one of them is because they leave big footprints wherever they go. I’ve always felt invisible, but no one can ignore the elephant in the room. They have a great memory and I want to be memorable. Since I’m quiet and shy, people don’t usually remember me. I’m working towards getting over my anxiety so I can be more outgoing and leave an impact on the people I interact with.



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Why does religion help some people? Tumblr Tuesday!! #KatiFAQ

Tumblr Tuesday 

1. #Katifaq hey Kati, I have horrible anxiety and panic attacks. I’m a junior in a very large school but could easily switch to a school 1/4 the size. I’d know NO ONE. Would you suggest to a client to move schools if it could possibly help.?

2.#KatiFAQ I haven’t seen my therapist in a year or so but I left very abruptly because my parents couldn’t pay for it. I’ve gotten a lot better since then but I still want to talk through some things with her. how would I go about the first appointment after not seeing her for a year. I’m scared we won’t have the same connection as we did.

3. I got this one in my PO Box 2 weeks ago: Are you religious? Even if you are not, why or how do you think going to church or praying seems to help a lot of people struggling with depression? Like, is there a scientific reason why it helps some people? Thanks!

Journal topic:

Meeting people in real life and talking face to face. It can be so powerful to actually see someone and feel their understanding and empathy.

It’s always nice to see when someone is getting healthy on their path to recovery! Way to go Nicole.!!!

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