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Can binge eating be a form of self-harm? Website/YouTube Wednesday! #KatiFAQ 

Tumblr Tuesday! Surprise Hangout! #KatiFAQ

1. Hi Kati, thanks for all you do for everyone. I’m sure you have 100s of asks so not sure if you’ll see this one. I was diagnosed 2years ago with BPD& dysthymic disorders & have been in therapy for over 5 years (I’m now 20) Are there patients with BPD that struggle with it forever? I feel like I’ve done everything, DBT, 5 inpatients, meds, therapy, but still feel like I’m always going to have this distorted thought process. I do have an AMAZING therapist of 4 years but I’m afraid I’ll get ‘dumped’

2. #katifaq hey kati, love your videos! Anyway I’m just really curious about something. I know that what your clients tell you is confidential, but can you, as a therapist, tell your own personal therapist something that one of your clients tells you? Not sure if that makes sense. But if a client tells you something that upset you, could you talk to your therapist about it? Or would that be breaking confidentiality?

3. #katiFAQ Hi Kati, my question is … If you have been diagnosed with bipolar what would the best kind of therapy would be? My therapist specialises in DBT but from my understanding that is most useful for treating BPD, is that correct? What sort of therapy/therapist should I be searching for? Thanks heaps!! Love your channel! xo

4. Oh goodness I forgot to hashtag my question ! #katifaq I’ll ask again , so the clinical psychologist I have to see weekly said I shouldn’t try an control my anxiety , I shouldn’t control my breathing , I shouldn’t clench my fist and I shouldn’t try an distract my self from the anxious thoughts , I just don’t understand ? What’s ur opinion ?

5. #katiFAQ why do ed’s often change? Eg. Anorexic to bulimic? Love your channel it’s fantastic

6. Hi Kati. I’ve been dealing with an ED for about 14 years and SH for about 8, but I don’t feel like I want to “recover”. Any tips?



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#katiFAQ — Facebook Friday! 
Should parents talk to their children about their mental health? 

Are suicidal thoughts bad?? Website/YouTube Wednesday!! #KatiFAQ

Learn to control anxiety around perfectionism, a response from this video

Taken from this video where I talk about care taking.

Taken from this video. 

Taken from this video. 

PLS Reblog! (It could help someone) How to deal with  Social Anxiety Disorder. 

Do you know what Histrionic Personality Disorder is? Please Reblog! Sharing is caring <3

New Vlog is up!! Happy Tuesday! 

PLS Reblog Being socially isolated can have severe health risks, and it can also feel pretty terrible! Today I talk about isolation and some ideas on how we can break out of the terrible cycle. Just like anything, we have to start small and set goals that we can achieve easily. So let’s start challenging that urge to stay inside and not interact in person!! I believe that human interaction can sometimes be even better for us then talking about and processing what ails us. Hugs can heal ;) 



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Today I talk about five simple steps we can take to build our own self-confidence. I know many of these will seem really silly or too simple to make any impact, but I promise that if you try at least one of these, you will begin to feel a change! So let’s get going!! 

5 Simple Steps to Building a Better Self-Confidence

  • 1. Personal Grooming
  • 2. Think Positively
  • 3. Act Positively 
  • 4. Get Prepared
  • 5. Setting small achievable goals 



Eating Disorder Workbook

#katifaq How can you avoid being triggered by others’ diets when in ED recovery? My best friend (and housemate) has decided she’s going to go on a ‘juice fast’ for a week. Even her telling me that has really increased my guilt over eating. I know I’m making healthy choices and I’m trying to talk back to my ED voice with that, but it’s going to be so hard eating meals when she’s just drinking juice next to me. Is there anything I can do to cope with this better? Thanks for everything you do xxx

#katifaq Hi Kati! is it possible to get better without putting in the work? my ED/SH has really gotten better since i’ve taken time off of school and now I’m looking to return to school in the fall. i am worried because deep down i know i haven’t put in the right work and i haven’t done all that my therapist has suggested i do (dietician, group, etc.). is it possible to keep feeling better, or because i didn’t do what was recommended, is it likely that i will go back into my behaviors? thanks!

#katifaq Hi Kati I was talking to my friend about my sexual abuse and I found out she was also sexual abused as a child. She told that she got over it with no help and I need to be strong. That I could do it by myself and did not need help. That I can’t let him win. I have been depressed since I could remember, I self harm and have suicide thoughts. Am I letting him win by doing this?

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Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.