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Should all ED patients be weight monitored? Twitter Thursday!! #KatiFAQ 

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Can binge eating be a form of self-harm? Website/YouTube Wednesday! #KatiFAQ 

Tumblr Tuesday! Surprise Hangout! #KatiFAQ

1. Hi Kati, thanks for all you do for everyone. I’m sure you have 100s of asks so not sure if you’ll see this one. I was diagnosed 2years ago with BPD& dysthymic disorders & have been in therapy for over 5 years (I’m now 20) Are there patients with BPD that struggle with it forever? I feel like I’ve done everything, DBT, 5 inpatients, meds, therapy, but still feel like I’m always going to have this distorted thought process. I do have an AMAZING therapist of 4 years but I’m afraid I’ll get ‘dumped’

2. #katifaq hey kati, love your videos! Anyway I’m just really curious about something. I know that what your clients tell you is confidential, but can you, as a therapist, tell your own personal therapist something that one of your clients tells you? Not sure if that makes sense. But if a client tells you something that upset you, could you talk to your therapist about it? Or would that be breaking confidentiality?

3. #katiFAQ Hi Kati, my question is … If you have been diagnosed with bipolar what would the best kind of therapy would be? My therapist specialises in DBT but from my understanding that is most useful for treating BPD, is that correct? What sort of therapy/therapist should I be searching for? Thanks heaps!! Love your channel! xo

4. Oh goodness I forgot to hashtag my question ! #katifaq I’ll ask again , so the clinical psychologist I have to see weekly said I shouldn’t try an control my anxiety , I shouldn’t control my breathing , I shouldn’t clench my fist and I shouldn’t try an distract my self from the anxious thoughts , I just don’t understand ? What’s ur opinion ?

5. #katiFAQ why do ed’s often change? Eg. Anorexic to bulimic? Love your channel it’s fantastic

6. Hi Kati. I’ve been dealing with an ED for about 14 years and SH for about 8, but I don’t feel like I want to “recover”. Any tips?



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